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One of our top priorities is making sure your move is budget-friendly. One of the easiest ways to score big savings when moving is to compare rates. However, the process of calling several moving companies eats up hours of valuable time. That’s where we come in!

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With these extensive resources, we hope you’ll feel armed and ready to tackle your move. Don’t forget, we’ll be there with you to help you get through it!


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Did you know that moving companies in California must register with the state? Intra-state movers must obtain licensing through the CA Public Utilities Commission. If they provide state-to-state moving services, moving companies must register with the US Department of Transportation. Never trust a mover who doesn’t carry the proper licensing and insurance.

We’ve done our homework to ensure you only get quotes from legitimate moving companies that are licensed and insured. These pre-screened movers are reputable professionals with ample experience. You can trust them with your move!


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Best Professional Mover Advice for Packing in a Hurry

If you have found yourself on the business end of a lastminute move, you may be inclined to panic. Don’t. It won’t help and will only take up precious time. Instead, use some of these tips to help you get your move underway. The best way to alleviate panic is to see progress.


Accept It

You are moving. The date has been set. The only thing to do is accept it. Figure out how much time you have so that you can begin getting yourself and your stuff organized.


Organize Yourself

Now that you know how much time you have between now and your move, make up a list of everything that needs to be done, from calling the utilities companies to booking a mover, to packing everything up. Develop a schedule for when you will accomplish each item on your list so that you can take care of everything.


Get a Binder

You will need a dedicated place– such as a binder– for keeping all your receipts, calendar and important papers while executing this move. There is no telling what a utility company or the IRS may ask for later. Keeping it in one place will ensure that you are able to find it later.


Get Rid of Stuff

This is where you can use some of that adrenaline from your panic. You need to get rid of as much stuff as possible before relocatingSo, be ruthless. Go on a manic spree. If you have not used it in a year, toss it. If you do not know what it is, throw it out. If you don’t think you will need it, throw it out. If you must to stop and think about whether you need it, throw it out. The more you get rid of, the less you need to pack. The less you need to pack, the less time it will take to move!


Collect Packing Materials

Now that you have cleared the deck, get your packing materials. You should be able to find boxes and packing paper at any home store or office supply. You could even get free boxes by checking in with local grocery stores and fast food restaurants. These locales regularly toss cardboard boxes from deliveries.


Mobilize the Troops

Once you have your to-do list and packing materials, it is time for the real work to begin. For packing you should call in the cavalry. Contact friends and family and ask them to help you out. They probably already know you have this on your plate and are just wondering how they can help.


Packing Party

Packing does not have to be a chore. Make it into a party. Pair people up to tackle spaces. Give assignments. Maybe encourage a little friendly competition. Crank up the music and choose something with a vibrant beat. As lunch time approaches, order out for pizza.


When you must move in a hurry, you may find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed. Just breathe. It will be okay. These tips will help you to organize yourself and get your move under way.

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How to Make an Efficient Week-By-Week Moving Checklist

So, you are ready to move to your new home! Exciting isn’t it? You have new opportunities in front of you, new friends to make, new places to see and a new place to call home. You get to start afresh and build your life the way you want to. As exciting as all of this might seem, moving does come with a few challenges. There is a lot of planning involved with the entire process, which can sometimes get a little bit overwhelming. So how do you ensure that you have made a good plan for your move? The answer is – making a week by week checklist.


Why Should You Make a Week by Week Moving Checklist?

A weekbyweek checklist helps you keep track of everything that you need to do, without mixing up tasks or leaving anything out. Having a good moving checklist can also speed up the move, since it forces you think through the most optimal timing and way of doing things around your home.  


When Is the Ideal Time to Start Your Checklist?

The ideal time to start on your checklist from seven to eight weeks before your move. This timeline gives you enough time to plan everything that you must do and fit in any new things that you might need to add, without getting too close to moving day. 


The Weekly Breakdown

7 Weeks Before the Move

Your checklist at week seven should mainly include things like calling up your landlord to let them know about your move, notifying schools and workplaces about your move, creating a budget to help you with your move, and calling your professional moving company to set the moving date 


6 Weeks Before the Move

Six weeks before your move should be reserved for accounting for all the things in your home. Use this time to make an inventory of all the things that you have around your home and that you are taking along with you on your move. Also utilize time also to note down all that you need to buy before your move, like packing supplies.


5 Weeks Before the Move

Five weeks before your move, you should have all your documents and records in place. If you need new medical records for schools or work purposes, this is the time to do it. You can also use this week to search for new healthcare providers, veterinarians, and any other kind of services that you might need around your new home.


Four Weeks Before Your Move

Four weeks before your move, focus on getting all your moving boxes, and start putting in the things that you won’t need over the next few weeks. It’s ideal to sort through your storage items during this time to determine what to keep and what to tossAlso, setup your travel arrangements during this week, so that you don’t have to worry transportation the week of your move.


2-3 Weeks Before the Move

Weeks two and three before the move are probably the most hectic and involve making sure everything is in order. Start packing your valuables during this time and labeling them accordingly.


1 Week to Go

One week before your move, you should have most of your things packed and ready to go. Make sure once again, that all the arrangements are in order and contact all the necessary people. Don’t forget to make a checklist for moving day to ensure that you are thorough and don’t leave anything behind.