You’ve been working out, building muscles so you’re strong, and doing your stretches so you don’t pull any muscles. Despite your improved fitness level, moving your home gym equipment might still pose some challenges. If you need to move your home gym, to another house or just to another room, you should take care to ensure that you move everything in a way that keeps you safe and ready for your next workout. Here are a few common ways that people can hurt themselves while moving, and how you can avoid these accidents.

Prepare and Get Help

If you have large equipment, such as a treadmill, you will likely need multiple people to safely move it. Many pieces of gym equipment are bulky and heavy, so it’s easy to drop something on a foot or pull a muscle if you try to do too much. To avoid this, make sure that you have enough people who are strong enough to lift. You may need the help of professional movers who have the proper equipment for transporting heavy items. To scout out the cheapest moving companies in San Diego, contact Cheap Movers San Diego.

Avoid Tripping

One simple way to hurt yourself is to trip on a cord or a pedal that is jutting out from the machine. To avoid this risk of injury, secure any cords before you move the equipment. Also, make sure that when you disassemble the machines, you don’t have any pieces that are hanging loosely that might hit your shins.

Disassemble Weight Equipment

If you have free weights that you use with your bench press, you will want to take each of the weight plates off. It might be tempting to try and save yourself trips by leaving a few of the weight plates on, but you could damage your equipment. You also need to remember that you’re not in the habit of lifting the equipment the way that you need to while moving it. So, the weight that you might be able to lift in one position might be different than the weight that you can safely lift while moving the equipment.

Use Small Boxes

If you are moving to a new house or apartment, you will likely need boxes to move some of the small but heavy items, such as dumbbells and weight plates. Be sure to choose any moving packages wisely. If you use any cardboard boxes, don’t overpack them with too much weight. You don’t want the box to break. An even better option is to use plastic totes, but still pack these lightly. Plastic totes don’t have any seams that can break open, and you can pack a few heavy items, such as weights, on the bottoms, but also pack your yoga mats on top.

Moving your home gym equipment can be a big job, but it’s very possible to do without hurting yourself. Plan the move, make sure that you have enough help, and you ensure a safe move. For assistance hourly moving your home gym, use our discount movers San Diego

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