Your business has prospered, profits are high, and it is time to expand your space to accommodate more employees. If you’re current office space feels crowded and at capacity, it’s time to move.

The task of packing up your business can be especially daunting given that are office items you wouldn’t encounter in a traditional home move. Items like filing cabinets, desks, cubicles and office supplies require special treatment and storage when moving. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure your valuable equipment, documents, and furniture arrive at your new facility safely.


Records are important to keep safe, and when it is time to move it can be a chore. The first step is to go through and find out which documents to keep or discard. Throw away any documents that are old, making sure to shred any that contain customer data such as phone numbers, credit card numbers, and addresses.

With the remaining documents, devise an organizational system that you can carry over to the new office. Use file boxes to store the documents and write on the box a short description about what is in the box.

Office Equipment

The next thing to worry about is the office equipment. This includes any computers, printers, fax machines, and phones. The first thing to do is back up all the data on your computers to a cloud server. This allows you to make sure your data is safe, and you can still work from laptops while your computers are in transit.

Make sure all the power and connecting cords for your computers and printers are separated and organized. Getting colored tape and wrapping pieces around the cords to make labels is helpful.

Using the original boxes the computers came in would be best to pack them in, but if you do not have those, use extra sturdy boxes to ensure your monitors are not cracked and your computers are not dented.

Desks and Other Furniture

Each individual desk should be packed by the person who works from it. Inform your employees of the moving schedule, so they can properly clean out their desks in time. Start with getting rid of old junk and useless items. Personal items such as photos and mugs should be bubble wrapped to ensure their safe journey. Packing the desks themselves should be left to the moving company. You don’t want your employees getting hurt.

Office Decor

Office decor such as paintings, clocks, and potted plants can be taken down well before the moving day. The office may look bare for a while, but you must remember it is only temporary. Any fragile picture frames and lighting should be bubble wrapped and placed in sturdy moving boxes.

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