If you’re about to move, you probably find myself wondering if you will successfully fit all your shoes and clothes in boxes and suitcases. Moving can be a tedious task, especially if you have a lot of stuff. The good thing is, planning significantly reduces the potential of things going wrong. Here are simple tips, that can help you quickly pack your closet next time you plan on moving.

Get rid of things not in use

You probably have a few clothes and shoes in your closet that you haven’t worn in almost a year. To make it easier for you to pack, get rid of all the stuff that you no longer use. You can choose to donate, sell, recycle or trash the things you no longer need. Purging makes it easier for you when packing and gets rid of clutter. Remember if you haven’t worn or used an item for the past year, you will probably never use it.

Use garbage bags

Folding up all your clothing in your closet can take a lot of your time. Instead of using wardrobe boxes make use of trash bags and pull them around the hanging clothes from the bottom to the top. Make sure you secure the top of the trash bag, so the hangers do not fall in. Using trash bags makes it easy for you to unpack and keep the clothes safe during storage.

Using plastic wrap in your drawers

Rather than folding and unfolding the clothes in your closet drawers, make use of plastic wrap. Wrap over the drawers and transport the clothes in them. Again, this will be so much easier to unpack when you get to your new home.

Pack your suitcase first

You can save your boxes and moving-truck space by packing as many clothes as possible in your suitcases before you pack your boxes, it will save you the cost of buying extra boxes.

Pack your shoes too

Clean your shoes and look for a sturdy box to pack them. Sort them in types and stuff them with packing paper to retain their shape. If you have shoes that you keep in their purchase boxes, pack all of them in one moving box.

Make use of clear bins

Gather all the miscellaneous items in your closet such as hats, gloves, belts, scarves among others and fill a transparent bin with them. This will make it easier to find once you begin unpacking, and no items will get damaged during your move.

Safely pack the jewelry

Straws are the safest way to store your necklaces and chains as they prevent tangling. Use a sectioned plastic container and pack your rings and necklaces. You can also make use of the jewelry traveling cases, then wrap it in packing paper.

Once you move, you need to store your items safely in your new closet. Consider the below storage tips that can keep your clothes safe: 

  • Wash your clothes before you store them to get rid of dirt that can attract insects and vermin 
  • Use plastic containers with lids and line them with clean cotton sheets rather than plastic bags to store your clothes safely 
  • Use wooden cedar balls rather than mothballs 
  • Store your clothes in clean, dry and cool place 
  • Keep checking on your clothes to minimize the risk of them getting damaged 

By following these helpful moving tips, you’ll have your clothes easily packed and ready for moving day. Of course, you could hire our full-service San Diego moving company to do the work for you. Call us today to request local and long distance moving rates for your upcoming move!

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