While getting ready for a big move, stress levels tend to be higher as the intense change takes over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to make things easier for yourself and others. Furniture can be bulky and cumbersome to move, at times hard to manipulate around the corners of your house without badly scratching the walls or the items in question, but your bed frame doesn’t have to be. All it takes is four simple steps to disassemble the frame in a matter of minutes without any hassle:

1. Removing Pillows, Bedding, and Linens

Along with all the “missing” stuff that you often find during a move, taking apart your bed frame can be a great way to give the bedding a good wash. You will likely appreciate how it feels to have the sheets, duvet, pillowcases, and other linens clean and fresh for the first night in your new house. Make sure the bedding is folded neatly after it is completely dry. The last thing you want is partially wet bedding surprising you as you try to drift off in the new, unfamiliar room.

2. Removing Mattress and Box Spring

This may be time to call in someone else for a team lift, as mattresses are typically heavy and box springs, while lighter, are often deceptively difficult to maneuver. The first step is to position the two or more lifters in adequate places to bear the weight – experiments notwithstanding – and then work the mattress into a plastic storage bag to prevent any damages from happening or dust, dirt, and general unmentionables being picked up during its trip in the moving van. Repeat the process with the box spring, putting it into its own protective bag.

3. Detaching Headboard and Footboard from Bed Frame

If you have a footboard or headboard, then the first step here is to unscrew them from the rest of the frame. The specific how-to of this will often vary depending on the kind of head and foot boards you have, but the general instructions stay the same. Before grabbing a Phillips, Flathead or electric screwdriver, make sure to have a properly sized, somewhat durable resealable baggie on hand to secure all nuts, bolts, and screws you remove. You won’t want to lose the baggie during the move, so some suggest taping it with strong hardware tape or securing it with moving wrap to the head or foot board.

4.  Taking Apart the Main Frame

After taking off everything else, you will likely have a metal, rectangular frame staring up at you if the frame you have is a traditional one. Have a similar baggie there for all the removed screws, bolts, and nuts. If you choose, you can tape or even plastic-wrap this baggie to a part of the frame after you disassemble the individual pieces.

By following these steps, hopefully you’ll have one less step to keep track of during the stress and sometimes frustration of the move. If you book a move with our San Diego CA movers, bed disassembly and reassembly is one of the services we offer to customers. With the assistance of our furniture movers, we’ll have your beds and other pieces ready to move in no time.

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