Fragile, cumbersome, expensive, dangerous… all descriptors of moving a piano. Whether you have an heirloom upright or a concert piano ready for the big stage, you need the right team in your corner. Don’t take a chance going it alone or hiring a seedy service. Cheap Movers San Diego is here to help! Our fully vetted, licensed & insured piano moving partners are at the ready to provide you with impeccable disassembly, transport, reassembly, and storage options. We serve San Diego, San Marcos, Chula Vista, and Carlsbad. Relocating your prized piano has never been easier!

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San Diego Piano Movers Cost

The average cost of San Diego piano movers is between $300 and $600. Several factors influence the final cost of hiring professional movers to transport your instrument, including:

  • Type of Piano: Got a spinet? Upright? Baby grand? The size & weight of your instrument affects overall pricing. For example, uprights are relatively compact and weigh about 300 lbs. A concert piano can tip the scales at a whopping 1400 lbs.
  • Age of the Piano: Have a precious instrument that’s been passed down from generation to generation? Just purchased a prime example of classic craftsmanship from an auction? In any case, your piano requires proper attention. From specialized handling to custom crating, our partners provide the focus needed to ensure safe & secure delivery.
  • Stairs: Anxious about having to negotiate stairways, multiple floors, and narrow hallways? It takes strength and finesse to execute this type of piano move properly. For more info on the exact pricing for this extra service, please reach out to us today!
  • Required Services: Most uprights don’t need disassembly. However, if you have a concert piano, it’s virtually a requirement. From legs and piano lid to lyre and pedals, our piano movers take great care to disassemble and warp every crucial component. They also offer special crating and storage services to make your experience as streamlined as possible.
  • The Distance of the Move: Local moves are typically cheaper than long-distance. Local services are usually charged by the hour, while interstate services are charged by weight and distance.
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Piano Moving Services In San Diego

Wouldn’t it be great if you could snap your fingers to move your piano magically? That might not be doable, but we offer the next best thing! In a matter of a few clicks online, you can have fully vetted & qualified pros take care of the whole process – disassembly, wrapping, crating, transportation, delivery, and even storage – all without breaking a sweat! Dealing with life, work, and the transition of moving is hard enough. Lean on Cheap Movers San Diego for a helping hand.

Piano Disassembly

Do you own a baby grand or concert piano? If so, you need a disassembly service. Our piano moving companies take every precaution to gently take apart, wrap, and deliver all the components – piano lid, pedals, lyre, legs, and so on – of your cherished instrument.

Special Piano Moving Equipment

Pianos are no joke – a concert version can weight up to 1,400 pounds! And with the addition of their bulk, these instruments prove to be quite a challenge to transport. That’s why Cheap Movers San Diego only works with highly seasoned & knowledgable companies. Your piano is in great hands with us!

Piano Storage

There can be numerous reasons for storage – between homes, world travel, renovation, etc. What you don’t want to do is go with just any services. Pianos require reliable humidity and temperature levels. We provide access to climate-controlled facilities that ensure the utmost protection.

Local Piano Moving

It’s easy to feel like a local relocation should be a breeze. Think twice. Yes, the distance between your old place and your new home might not be much, but once you factor in stairs, narrow hallways, tricky doorjambs, and more, it can get pretty tricky. Make it a drama-free move with our proven service.

Long Distance Piano Moving

Moving a piano across town is one thing. But across the state or country? It amplifies the risk. There are two main parts to this process – transport and actual move-in – and each must be expertly performed. Cheap Movers San Diego takes all the worry out of selecting the right outfit for your needs.

Piano Reassembly

Do you know what’s more challenging than disassembling a valuable piano? Putting it back together. Sure, you could try your hand at it. But if you want to ensure proper fitment without any future issues, you should lean on the expertise of professionals. Then, you can enjoy playing without care!

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